Components of Food

Learn which components that make up food and how to use it when buying your ingredients!

Five Components of Food

Food consist of five main components: water, carbohydrate, fat, protein and air. One might think that egg is mainly protein. That is not true. But why isnt egg mostly protein?


Different food ingredients

Food Structure

Egg is 75% water and only 10% protein. Butter is not only fat but carbohydrates, protein and water. The components are organized in various ways depending on your food. This is called The Structure. The structure of bread can be seen with thw naked eye but to see the structure of milk you would need to use a microscope. Learn how you create Food by knowing the Secret of Food structures.


If you compare milk and yoghurt the structure of the food are very similar. The difference can be found in the microstructure. Milk is homogenised before sold to the customers. A process that prevents the creaming of the fat particles in milk. To create yoghurt you will use fermentization, a process which is controlled bacteria growth which does not affect the creamy structure.

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