How to Make Alginate Balls

The Following Recipe is Created by Elma Schenkelaars – lecturer in Chemistry/NLT Ids Klompmaker- Wageningen University Ties van de Laar- Wageningen University .

-250 ml water
-1.3 g citras
-1.8 g alginate
-250 ml mango puree
-Calcium bath with 1 litre water and 5 g calcium

-Dissolve the citras in the water
-Add the alginate and mix. Make sure that you add the alginate slowly so that it does not coagulate
-Heat this mixture briefly up to 90 degrees
-Add the mango puree to the cooled solution (put the solution on ice if necessary to speed up the cooling)
-Measure the pH. The pH should be 4. If it is not, add citras until you obtain a pH of 4.
-Make the calcium bath by putting 1 litre of water in a bowl and dissolving 5 g calcium in it

The alginate balls can now be made by carefully dropping little droplets of the alginate solution into the calcium bath using a syringe. Leave the droplets to harden for about 20 to 30 seconds, and take them out carefully with a sieve (tip: It is useful to leave the sieve hanging in the calcium bath and drop the solution carefully into it. Rinse the hardened alginate balls under clean water.

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