How to Make a Career in Molecular Gastronomy

So you have reached the conclusion that you want a career in molecular gastronomy and cook in the name of science. Read on to learn more about making a career in molecular gastronomy!

First steps in any career

Interest. Dedication. Drive and knowledge. Those are typical traits you will need in any career and these are true even in the food science business.

Maybe you feel unsure if those traits are YOU. Rest assured that we supply you with knowledge and all you have to do is bring the rest.

Typical careers in molecular gastronomy

There are various ways to start a career in the food tech business. Since molecular gastronomy is science you could take the academic path. For example have a go at a degree in chemistry, physiology or medicine. Taking the academic path will give you invaluable tools in developing the theory behind molecular cooking. If you however are more into manual work you can head over to a restaurant school and start your training in becoming a chef. During your spare time you can develop your skills in molecular cooking with one of our great starter kits for molecular gastronomy.

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