How to Make Healthy Fried Food

Using these method will guarantee you healthy french fries keeping the excellent taste and texture. After reading this you’ll know how to improve the taste and make fried food healthy.

Greased up

The Standard Way of doing fries has always been to fry them in oil. This makes the taste receptors in our mind go wild since we like the taste of fat. And oil is fat. There is however a new way to prepare fries. This process will ensure tasty and healthy food.

Lose weight with fried food

Is this really possible? Yes! Frying your chips is a drying process in which the moisture of the fries goes away in form of steam. This do mean there are other ways to cook fries and chips!

Particles in fry vs steam

Particles in fry vs steam

The alternate method to frying is steam cooking them. Using superheated steam you will achive excellent taste. The process will unsure  you get well-tasting and healthy crisps since the process gives You the choice over how much grease to add.

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