Make Your Own Molecular Butter

Using our recipe for molecular butter you will get the perfect butter everytime.

Why is butter hard when you take it out of the fridge? Our recipe will teach you why your butter tears your bread and how to avoid it!

Melting Trajectory of Butter

Unlike other food Butter has several points ar which it melt. It ranges between -50 c and +40 c. This melting trajectory depends on the Fraction of the butter. This mean the saturated fat and the loose fat will have separated melting points. But how about Hardening of butter? why is butter hard?

Why butter is hard

Frédéric Lavigne and Michel Ollivon conducted research on the hardening of butter. Known as cristallisation. Because of different melting points their research showed that different fat fractions could be extracted at different temperatures. So how will you make butter easy to spread?

The Secret of Perfect Butter

Take your butter out of the fridge, heat it up in a pan, collect the fat particles and mix them together. This will make the perfect butter, easy to spread!

Things you may Want to Make butter would include our recommended pan from Lodge, a 12-inch skillet of the finest craftmanship. This will help you make perfect butter and other dishes!


Happy Cooking!

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